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Become a UNDP Volunteer for the 54 Faces of Africa Social Media Campaign: Amplifying African Voices for Development

Become a UNDP Volunteer for the 54 Faces of Africa Social Media Campaign: Amplifying African Voices for Development


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kenya, in collaboration with the United Nations Volunteers (UNV), is launching the Faces of Africa Social Media Campaign. This initiative aims to empower African youth by providing them with a platform to share their stories, aspirations, and solutions, while fostering connections between youth leaders and policymakers. Through visual storytelling, the campaign seeks to challenge stereotypes about Africa and promote a more nuanced understanding of the continent’s diversity and vibrancy.

Mission and Objectives

UNDP operates globally to combat poverty and protect the environment, supporting countries in developing robust policies and institutions for sustainable progress. In Kenya, the focus is on eradicating poverty within the framework of sustainable development, aligned with the country’s Vision 2030 goals. Through democratic governance initiatives, UNDP supports governance reforms, promoting transparency, accountability, and public participation.


Africa’s demographic landscape is rapidly evolving, with a significant youth population poised to shape the continent’s future. However, youth voices are often marginalized in decision-making processes, hindering inclusive development. The Faces of Africa campaign seeks to address this gap by amplifying youth perspectives and facilitating dialogue between youth and leaders.

Objectives of the Campaign

  1. Document the aspirations, experiences, and challenges of African youth, providing a platform for expression and idea-sharing.
  2. Counter negative stereotypes about Africa by highlighting its vibrancy and diversity through visual storytelling.
  3. Foster connections between African youth and leaders to contribute to continental and global development agendas.
  4. Cultivate a community of young African leaders committed to driving positive change.

Task Description

Online volunteers will play a crucial role in supporting the campaign’s dissemination efforts across various social media platforms. Responsibilities include:

  1. Developing and maintaining a content schedule for the campaign.
  2. Disseminating campaign messages and materials on social media.
  3. Monitoring social media trends and adjusting content strategies accordingly.
  4. Participating in virtual meetings for briefings and feedback sessions.
  5. Providing regular updates on task progress.
  6. Compiling an end-of-assignment report highlighting results achieved.


Volunteers should possess:

  • Strong communication and social media management skills.
  • Proficiency in design software and video editing tools (e.g., Canva, Adobe Creative Suite).
  • Working knowledge of English; proficiency in French, Arabic, Portuguese, or Kiswahili is desirable.


Inclusivity Statement

The UN Volunteers programme is committed to diversity and equal opportunity. Discrimination in any form is not tolerated, and volunteers are expected to uphold the values of respect and human rights.


The Faces of Africa Social Media Campaign presents an opportunity to empower African youth and reshape narratives about the continent. Through visual storytelling and online engagement, the campaign aims to foster a more inclusive and vibrant Africa, driven by the voices and aspirations of its youth. Volunteers are invited to join this initiative and contribute to its success.