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Apply for the GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition 2024 (US$100,000 Grand Prize)

Apply for the GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition 2024 (US$100,000 Grand Prize)

Application Deadline: June 10, 2024

Africa’s agricultural sector stands at a critical juncture, grappling with challenges ranging from climate change resilience to food security and nutrition. In response to these pressing issues, applications are now open for the 2024 GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition, offering a platform for innovative solutions to thrive.

Eligibility Requirements

For Entrepreneurs:

  • Age Criteria: Applicants must be 35 years old or below at the time of submission and legally recognized as adults in their respective countries of nationality.
  • Nationality: Entrepreneurs must hold citizenship from a member country of the African Union, with valid official identification.
  • Venture Leadership: Applicants should be founders or co-founders actively involved in the leadership and operations of the venture they represent.
  • Clean Record: Entrepreneurs must have no criminal record related to corruption, tax evasion, financial impropriety, felony, or other offenses.

For Ventures:

  • Legal Status: Ventures must be legally registered in an African Union member country or have initiated the registration process before July 1, 2024.
  • Headquarters: The venture’s headquarters should be located within an African Union member country.
  • Financial Sustainability: Ventures should demonstrate a clear path to financial sustainability, operating either as for-profit businesses or non-profits generating revenue without dependence on donor funding.
  • Agrifood Sector Engagement: Ventures must be actively involved in the agrifood sector or support its development through innovation or process improvement across various domains within the sector.

Prizes and Recognition

  • Grand Prizes: Two winners will each receive $50,000 USD, totaling $100,000 USD in prizes.
  • Impact Awards: Recognizing ventures making significant contributions to improving rural livelihoods, nutrition, climate resilience, technology, gender equality, natural resources conservation, and job creation.
  • Agribusiness Deal Room: Facilitated participation for winners at the prestigious Agribusiness Deal Room during the Africa Food Systems Forum Summit.
  • Invitation to the 2025 GoGettaz Africa Leadership Program: Top finalists will have the opportunity to participate in a leadership program aimed at empowering emerging leaders in Africa.
  • Gender Equality: One male and one female entrepreneur will each receive $50,000 USD for the most innovative and scalable business ventures.

The Journey Ahead

Successful applicants will embark on an enriching journey, culminating in the GoGettaz Finals at the Africa Food Systems Forum Summit, slated to take place in Kigali, Rwanda, in September 2024. This summit serves as a premier platform for networking, matchmaking, and showcasing innovative solutions in the agrifood sector.

For More Information

To learn more about the GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition and to apply, visit the official webpage. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of Africa’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and make a lasting impact on the continent’s agricultural landscape. Apply now and join the league of visionary agripreneurs shaping the future of Africa’s food systems.