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CanGap Impact Fellowship: receive $1000 to empower your community!

Calling all students, gappers, and graduates aged 17-25! The Canadian Gap Year Association invites you to join the January cohort of the CanGap Impact Fellowship program. Unleash your potential, receive $1000, and equip yourself with project management skills to lead a real impact project in your community. Applications are open until December 8, so seize this incredible opportunity!

About the CanGap Impact Fellowship: The CanGap Impact Fellowship is a 3-month program designed for gap year and post-secondary students, as well as recent grads. It offers a unique chance to gain hands-on experience in leadership and impact, with $1000 funding, training, and mentorship support. The program focuses on turning ideas into meaningful projects, providing the tools needed to build your resume and make a difference.

What Can You Achieve: During the fellowship, you have the flexibility to create projects that highlight community service, social justice, or environmental issues. Whether it’s hosting fundraisers, organizing art shows, leading awareness campaigns, or community-wide clean-ups, the sky’s the limit for impactful projects.

Program Overview:

  • Month One (January 2024): Kick-off with a 4-day bootcamp to dive into your interests, project goals, and project management essentials.
  • Month Two (February 2024): Weekly skill-building workshops, 1:1 coaching sessions to level up your abilities and confidence.
  • Month Three (March 2024): Implement your project and take charge of evaluating and reporting its success.

Who Will Love This Program:

  • Those seeking cool, meaningful community experience.
  • Individuals eager to connect with like-minded peers and learn from experienced leaders.
  • Those aspiring to enhance their resume with genuine project management experience.
  • Individuals passionate about becoming more active in their community.

Who Won’t Enjoy This Program:

  • Those uninterested in meaningful community engagement.
  • Individuals not keen on learning from experienced leaders and mentors.
  • Those averse to meeting new people.
  • Individuals who believe they know everything and have nothing left to learn.
  • Those planning to use the $1000 for unrelated purposes.