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The Iris Prize 2024 is open for applications for Child and Youth-led Projects(Up to $15,000 in prizes)

The Iris Prize 2024 is open for applications for Child and Youth-led Projects(Up to $15,000 in prizes)

The Iris Project: Empowering Youth for Environmental Action

In memory of Iris Goldsmith, a young advocate for nature tragically lost at the age of 15, the Iris Project stands as a beacon of hope and action for the preservation of our planet. Collaborating with the Global Greengrants Fund, this initiative honors Iris’s profound love for the natural world by nurturing a global community of young environmental leaders dedicated to protecting and restoring local ecosystems.

Iris was deeply connected to nature, harboring a special affinity for the sea and exhibiting a gentle demeanor towards animals. In her honor, the Iris Project aims to harness the passion and creativity of young people who are already at the forefront of addressing the climate and ecological crises. It seeks to amplify their voices and initiatives by providing essential support and resources that are often inaccessible.

How to Apply for The Iris Prize 2024

If you’re between the ages of 14 and 24 and have a vision or ongoing project aimed at safeguarding or revitalizing nature in your community, we invite you to apply for the Iris Prize 2024. Applications are open until April 30th, 2024, 23:59 GMT. To begin the application process, you must complete our eligibility quiz to gain access to the application form.

Criteria for Application

Before applying, please ensure that:

  • Your project is led by individuals aged 14 to 24, with young people predominantly driving the initiative and possessing decision-making autonomy.
  • Your project aligns with the principles of protecting and restoring nature and upholds the rights of those advocating for environmental conservation.
  • While we welcome projects affiliated with larger organizations, it’s imperative that the youth leaders maintain full autonomy and decision-making authority.
  • For minors, collaboration with a local organization or NGO as a fiscal sponsor is required to manage the financial aspects of the grant.

Prize Categories

To nurture innovation and sustainability within the youth environmental movement, we offer three distinct prize categories:

  • The Seed Prize ($5,000): Awarded to individuals or teams with groundbreaking ideas for nature conservation.
  • The Stem Prize ($10,000): Recognizing small-scale projects recently initiated.
  • The Iris Prize ($15,000): Granted to established projects with potential for replication and scalability.


  • March 1st: Open call for applications begins.
  • March & April: Applicants are invited to join the Iris Project Ecosystem, offering funding, capacity building, and collaboration opportunities.
  • April 30th: Application deadline.
  • May: Shortlisted projects undergo due diligence interviews.
  • June: Expert judging panel evaluates the shortlist.
  • July: Winning projects receive due diligence support for secure funding.
  • August: Winners and runners-up are notified, and local filmmakers document their initiatives.
  • October 2024: Awards ceremony to announce winners and runners-up.

Check Eligibility and Apply

Our eligibility guide, quiz, and application form are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic. Visit our website to begin your journey towards making a meaningful impact on the environment.

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