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Empower Change: Apply Now for the Digital Voices4Change Program

Empower Change: Apply Now for the Digital Voices4Change Program

In an era dominated by digital tools that fuel social and political movements, your voice carries unprecedented weight. We are excited to present the Digital Voices for Change program, a groundbreaking initiative brought to you by Politics4Her, Women’s Empowerment For Peacebuilding, and Roots Lab. Our mission is clear: to empower young individuals, with a special emphasis on those from marginalized communities, to leverage the potential of digital activism as a catalyst for social and political change.

✨ Why Should You Apply?

This program is not just a skills acquisition journey; it’s a commitment to becoming a positive force in your community and beyond. By joining “Digital Voices for Change,” you will:

  • Gain a profound understanding of digital activism, media literacy, and human rights.
  • Develop communication, leadership, and advocacy skills for meaningful impact.
  • Connect with a network of like-minded young activists for inspiration and support.
  • Collaborate on initiatives and campaigns to bring about tangible change in your community.
  • Become part of a generation dedicated to creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

✨ Training Topics:

  • Introduction to human rights with a focus on the SWANA region
  • Intersectional feminism
  • Introduction to digital activism
  • Media literacy
  • Digital security
  • Policy paper writing
  • Community building and leadership
  • The use of social media for impactful activism
  • Non-violent strategies for social change

✨ Ready to Take the First Step?

Completing this application form is your initiation into the realm of digital activism and leadership for social change. Your journey commences here, and we’re eager to learn more about you.

Please take the time to fill out this form thoughtfully. Share your experiences, aspirations, and the impact you wish to create. This is your opportunity to articulate why you should be part of Digital Voices for Change.

Politics4Her, Women’s Empowerment For Peacebuilding, and Roots Lab invite you to shed any reservations, leave behind imposter syndrome, and join us in driving meaningful change. Let’s dismantle barriers and create a world where young people, especially young women, actively engage in every facet of their communities. Take the first step by completing the form! The training program will commence in January 2024, and participants will receive a stipend for support.


  • Presently living in the SWANA region.
  • Between 20-30 years old.
  • Basic understanding of Arabic; English proficiency is a must.
  • Attach a complete application including a resume and cover letter (PDF Format, article). Applications without these will be automatically disregarded.
  • Commit to attending 80% of the training sessions.
  • Community Leadership: Experience as a community leader or involvement in projects for positive change.
  • Commit to attending the end-of-training project.
  • Hold dedication to implement a sustainable project within your community.


  • Connect with like-minded activists globally.
  • Get featured on our platform.
  • Receive a completion certificate.
  • Deepen understanding of digital activism, media literacy, and human rights.


  • Increase awareness and understanding of digital activism, media literacy, and the role of young people in driving social change.
  • Develop the communication, leadership, and advocacy skills of participants for meaningful impact.
  • Establish a supportive network of young activists for collaboration and idea-sharing.
  • Contribute to building a more engaged, informed, and active generation committed to making a difference in the world.
  • Influence policymakers and conduct lobbying activities to implement better laws, creating an environment where youth are actively involved in decision-making.

🌠 PS: We encourage applicants from rural/semi-rural areas, LGBTQIA+, individuals with disabilities, refugees, and migrants to apply.

🚀 Mark your calendars! Join us for a live Q/A session on Instagram on December 14th at 7 pm GMT+1. Learn more about the program and get real-time answers to your questions!


DEADLINE: 27/12/2023