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FREE United Nations Green Economy Courses

FREE United Nations Green Economy Courses

1️⃣ Introduction to Sustainable Finance Taxonomies:
🔗 Link:
⏳ Completion time: 3.5-4 hrs (self-paced)
💡 Description: Learn about sustainable finance taxonomies, mobilizing capital for sustainability-aligned activities, and development practices for global impact.

2️⃣ Introduction to Sustainable Finance (NEW):
🔗 Link:
⏳ Completion time: 10 hrs (self-paced)
💡 Description: Explore sustainable finance instruments, frameworks, global initiatives, and regulations for financial decisions with a sustainability focus.

3️⃣ Indicators for an Inclusive Green Economy: Advanced course
🔗 Link:
⏳ Completion time: 3 hrs (self-paced)
💡 Description: Dive deeper into the Green Economy Progress (GEP) Measurement Framework to promote an inclusive green economy.

4️⃣ Green Transition in Eastern Partnership Countries:
🔗 Link:
⏳ Completion time: 50 hrs (self-paced)
💡 Description: Upscale green and circular economy policies and tools, empowering policy makers to drive environmental action.

5️⃣ Green Fiscal Policy:
🔗 Link:
⏳ Completion time: 2 hrs (self-paced)
💡 Description: Gain a solid understanding of fiscal policy instruments and strategies to advance the green economy transition.

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