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Unveiling Opportunities: Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program 2024

Unveiling Opportunities: Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program 2024

Unveiling Opportunities: Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program 2024

A Global Initiative for Child and Youth Development Research

Embark on a transformative journey with the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program, a highly competitive opportunity open to early and mid-career researchers dedicated to advancing the learning and development of children and youth worldwide. This global fellowship program spans various disciplines, including education sciences, psychology, economics, sociology, behavioral science, computer science, pedagogy, linguistics, neurosciences, and the science of learning.

Program Focus and Key Questions

The Jacobs Foundation is calling for applications from scholars who embrace interdisciplinary work and seek to combine multiple levels of analysis. The program has a special focus on understanding variability in learning, promoting evidence on human learning and development, and scaling up effective education policies and practices. Key questions include:

  • How do variations in individuals and contextual factors influence learning and development outcomes?
  • How can we design for learner variability at scale to enable all children to reach their potential?
  • What interventions can reduce inequalities in children’s learning and address disparities in the impacts of digital technologies?
  • How can data play a role in helping learners and teachers make informed decisions about their learning and teaching?

For more information on the Jacobs Foundation Strategy 2030 and research agenda, please visit the Jacobs Foundation website.

Fellowship Details

Fellowships are awarded to outstanding early and mid-career researchers who have earned their PhD within the past 10 years. The funding, amounting to CHF 150,000, is disbursed directly to the fellow’s institution and can be utilized over a three-year period. Funding covers a portion of the fellow’s salary and can be allocated for various research-related purposes, including assistants’ salaries, equipment, technical assistance, professional travel, or trainee support.

Eligibility and Benefits

General Information:

  • Target Group: Highly talented early career researchers.
  • Funding Amount: CHF 150,000
  • Funding Period: 3 years
  • Number of Fellowships per Year: Up to 12
  • Use of Funds to Cover Fellow’s Salary: Up to 50% of the grant amount
  • Funding of Overhead/Indirect Costs: Up to 10% of the total amount of funding (CHF 15,000) in addition to the basic grant
  • Additional Funding: Fellows may apply for additional funding at the end of the fellowship for projects focusing on evidence to action and scientific capacity building.

Non-Financial Benefits:

In addition to financial support, the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program offers a myriad of non-financial benefits, including networking opportunities, events, and professional development.

Offers and Expectations

What the Jacobs Foundation Offers:

  • Networking and alumni events.
  • Opportunity for exchange with other Research Fellows and alumni.
  • Media channels for disseminating research to the broader scientific and public audience.
  • Opportunities for personal and scientific development within the Jacobs Foundation’s network.
  • A meaningful partnership with ample space for innovative ideas and activities.

What the Jacobs Foundation Expects:

  • Participation in events organized by the Jacobs Foundation.
  • Contribution to communication activities, e.g., BOLD articles.
  • Active engagement with the Foundation’s goals and activities.
  • Recognition as part of the Jacobs Foundation’s esteemed network.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

The ideal candidate:

  • Has obtained a Ph.D. or equivalent degree within the past 10 years.
  • Is employed at an institution of higher education or research institute.
  • Conducts high-quality research aligning with the Jacobs Foundation’s goals.
  • Is committed to engaging with the Foundation and contributing to its activities.

Selection Criteria:

  • Past research accomplishments and publication record.
  • Creativity and potential for scientific leadership.
  • Scientific quality of methods and data.
  • International relevance of the planned work.
  • Potential for promoting human development and learning.
  • Alignment of planned projects with the Jacobs Foundation’s goals.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exceptional opportunity. Apply now and contribute to advancing research in child and youth development on a global scale!

Application Deadline: January 21, 2024, 23:59 CET