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Register to participate in the Regional African Youth Consultations on Adaptation




14 – 25 August 2023, 13:00

Africa is on the frontline of a climate emergency it did not create. The continent boasts its largest youth population ever, with almost one billion people under the age of 25. Climate change is an intergenerational issue, disproportionately affecting younger generations who will experience worsening climate impacts throughout their lifetime. However, young people across Africa are already stepping up. Their resilience and adaptability position them as natural leaders in climate adaptation efforts.

To strengthen the youth adaptation movement in Africa and to amplify young people voices ahead of the Africa Climate Summit, GCA is supporting the Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) to organize five virtual consultations in August to gather youth views on adaptation policies and action. These consultations will contribute to the Africa Youth Climate Assembly, and to key publications on youth perspectives to be presented at COP28.

The consultations will take place virtually as below:
  • Western Africa: Mon 14th Aug – 13:00 GMT
  • Eastern Africa: Wed 16th Aug – 13:00 GMT
  • Central Africa: Fri 18th Aug – 13:00 GMT
  • Northern Africa: Wed 23rd Aug – 14:00 GMT
  • Southern Africa: Fri 25th Aug – 13:00 GMT
What will the consultations look like?

The virtual consultations will last 90 minutes and will be conducted on Zoom. Participants will have the chance to engage in working group discussions and participate in a Q&A format. The consultation for Central Africa will be conducted in French.

Young people across Africa are invited to join us to:
  • Identify existing knowledge gaps for youth engagement with climate change adaptation policy and action across regions.
  • Map youth organizations and collect best practices on youth participation in Africa and identify youth-led adaptation solutions.
  • Formulate strategies to amplify African youth leadership in climate change adaptation at various levels – local, national, and regional.
  • Identify the needs, challenges, and opportunities among African youth in preparation for GCA’s Guide on Youth Engagement with National Adaptation Plans and publication on Youth Engagement with the Global Stocktake.
How to get involved?

The Regional African Youth Consultations on Adaptation are open to members of youth organizations, youth networks, students, entrepreneurs, and other young Africans up to 35 years of age.

To register, please fill in the Google form provided by GAYO by clicking the button above. You will receive a Zoom link via email to join the consultation on the selected date(s).

For more info please visit: https://gca.org/events/africanyouthconsultations/