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Future Forward Workshop: Igniting Innovation and Impact in Central and Eastern Europe


Future Forward, a groundbreaking initiative co-funded by the Reach for Change and Social Impact Award, with support from the European Commission, is poised to ignite Central and Eastern Europe with innovation, passion, and impact. The initiative’s Scaling Readiness Program aims to empower 10 social entrepreneurs across the region to scale their innovations, focusing on a just and sustainable twin transition – green and digital – with a special emphasis on youth empowerment.


Conditions for Participation:

  1. Legal Form: Organizations led by social entrepreneurs, ranging from non-profits to profitable businesses, are eligible to apply.
  2. Thematic Focus: Applicants should have solutions addressing youth needs in the green and digital transition, with a track record of positive results or a commitment to adapting existing solutions to youth requirements.
  3. Geographical Conditions: Candidates are accepted from ten Central and Eastern European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.
  4. Consent to Data Handling: Applicants must provide consent for Reach for Change to handle their personal data, ensuring confidentiality and adherence to privacy policies.


Criteria for Project and Candidate Evaluation

  1. Problem Definition:
    • Clearly defined problem with data-backed scope and severity.
    • Identification of fundamental root causes, validated by empirical or statistical data.
    • Informed understanding by the social entrepreneur, validated by stakeholders closely involved.
    • Alignment with the program’s thematic niche.
  2. Solution:
    • Solution directly addresses the identified problem.
    • Completed proof of concept stage with measurable impact.
    • Ambition and initial strategy for scaling in place.
  3. Leadership and Team:
    • Demonstrated “Good Fit” with program support.
    • Leadership qualities, ethical conduct, and a competent team.
    • Ability to build and maintain collaborations and sustainable partnerships.
  4. Organizational Capacity:
    • Clear and feasible scaling goals with financial sustainability.
    • Demonstration of commitment to a sustainable business model.


Program Details

  • Non-financial Support:
    • Immersion Weeks for group-based learning and mindset shifts.
    • Ongoing coaching and connections to stakeholders.
    • Group online sessions and a pitch day towards the end of the program.
  • Application Process:
    • Candidates must fill out an online form, providing details on the social problem, proposed solution, organizational capacity, and communication needs.
    • Applications must be submitted in English within the specified period.
  • Stages and Deadlines:
    • Opening the online application system: November 15, 2023.
    • Closing the online application system: December 15, 2023.
  • Document Submission:
    • Application document must be completed and uploaded.
    • Additional verification may be required during the eligibility criteria check.