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Career Opportunities and Research Initiatives at UNU-WIDER: Join the Global Development Endeavor

Are you passionate about leveraging your skills to drive impactful change in the realm of global development? UNU-WIDER presents a myriad of career opportunities and research avenues that beckon individuals committed to fostering sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Open Positions

A) Associate Communications Officer (P-2)

Closing: November 29, 2023

As an Associate Communications Officer based in Helsinki, Finland, this role encompasses spearheading the Institute’s Knowledge Mobilization Strategy and supervising the communications team. If you possess an advanced university degree or relevant experience in knowledge mobilization, translations, and communication management, seize this opportunity to contribute to global outreach efforts.

B) Research Fellow (P-4) – Climate Change

Closing: December 5, 2023

This role, stationed in Helsinki, involves establishing and leading research programs connecting climate change, just transition, and distributional outcomes in developing countries. If you hold a PhD in relevant disciplines with robust quantitative skills and significant professional experience, embark on this impactful journey toward a sustainable future.

C) Research Associate (PSA) – Tax and Conflict

Closing: December 8, 2023

Contribute to the ‘Tax and Conflict’ project under the Domestic Revenue Mobilization Programme. With a completed or imminent PhD in economics, political science, or related fields, complemented by quantitative prowess and research experience, be part of bridging research and policy initiatives.

D) Research Associate (PSA) – Tax and Conflict (Request for Proposals)

Closing: January 12, 2024

Collaborate with the National Treasury of South Africa under the SA-TIED program by submitting research proposals in macro-fiscal analysis and policy modeling. Dive into critical research areas spanning fiscal policy, monetary policy, financial stability, macroeconomic policy coordination, global shocks impact, and more.


Opportunities for Impactful Research

The request for research proposals under the SA-TIED program invites contributions in several crucial areas, including:

  1. Fiscal Policy Design and Implementation: Explore the effectiveness of public investment, debt, tax policy, and expenditure.
  2. Monetary Policy Analysis: Evaluate the South African Reserve Bank’s core mandate and its impact on the economy.
  3. Financial Stability and Macro-Prudential Policy: Examine the impact of financial innovation on stability and policy design.
  4. Macroeconomic Policy Coordination: Investigate the interplay between fiscal, monetary, and macro-prudential policies.
  5. Global Shocks on South Africa: Analyze the impacts of global disturbances like the Covid pandemic and changing geopolitical landscapes.
  6. Policy Analysis and Modelling Tools Enhancement: Develop structural models to forecast and simulate potential policy changes for South Africa.



UNU-WIDER is a hub of global excellence, fostering research initiatives and career pathways aimed at advancing sustainable development goals. If you’re driven by a passion for effecting positive change, seize these opportunities to contribute to transformative global development efforts.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of a dynamic team dedicated to shaping a better, more inclusive world through impactful research and strategic communication initiatives.

Apply now and become an integral part of the groundbreaking work at UNU-WIDER!

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