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Free UNFPA Managing Gender-Based Violence Programmes in Emergencies Online Course(Certificate of Completion)


UNFPA is excited to launch the new and updated version of our free online course on Managing Gender-Based Violence Programmes in Emergencies.

The course targets new or emerging gender-based violence (GBV) specialists as well as humanitarian or development practitioners and others who want to increase their knowledge around GBV prevention and response in emergencies.

No registration is needed, you can start the course for free at anytime.

A certificate of completion can be obtained at the end of the course and is generated automatically by the system. At the end of the course there is also a survey you are kindly ask to complete. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

If you have any technical issues we suggest trying a different browser, clearing your browser history/cache, and restarting your computer.

Introduction: Start here

Module 1: Understanding Gender-based Violence

Module 2: Framework for Addressing GBV in Emergencies

Module 3: Preventing GBV in Emergencies

Module 4: Responding to GBV in Emergencies

The content of the course has been updated from the 2011 version in collaboration with the members of the Gender-Based Violence Area of Responsibility’s Learning Task Team.

The e-learning course is designed to allow participants to learn new concepts and test their learning through quizzes and direct application of knowledge to case studies.

Questions or comments should be sent to