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Climatelinks Photo Contest 2024: Submit Your Photos Now!

Climatelinks Photo Contest 2024: Submit Your Photos Now!

The Climatelinks 2024 Photo Contest is Now Open Until July 19!

About the Contest

Submit up to five images that comply with the contest rules and requirements. Entries will be judged on their relevance to the theme, as well as photo composition, originality, and technical quality. One winner will be chosen for each category by an evaluation panel comprising USAID staff and the Climatelinks team.

All submitted photos will be featured in a public Photo Gallery on the Climatelinks website and may also be showcased in the Climatelinks newsletter, blog, homepage, social media, or other USAID materials.

Click here to visit the Climatelinks Photo Gallery.


In Focus: Communities Confronting Climate Change

We’re seeking submissions that depict the issues, impacts, and solutions to climate change across 14 categories. A release form will be required for all images.

Main Categories and Examples:

  • Agriculture and Food Systems
    • Low-Emission Agriculture and Food Systems
    • Climate-smart Agriculture
    • Food Security
    • Food Loss and Waste
    • Integrated Forest and Agricultural Land Management
  • Climate Risk Management
  • Biodiversity Conservation
    • Wildlife
    • Nature Crime
    • Landscape/Seascape Conservation
  • Community Engagement/Locally Led Development
    • Fisheries
    • Ecosystem-based Adaptation
    • Biodiversity Corridors
  • Climate Finance
    • Circular Economy
    • Private Sector Engagement
    • Livelihoods
  • Democracy, Rights & Governance
    • Anti-Corruption
    • Governance/Civil Society
    • Human Rights
    • Environmental and Climate Defenders
    • Climate Justice
  • Education
    • Climate Education
    • Youth Workforce Development
    • Community Engagement
    • Climate-resilient Education Infrastructure
  • Energy
    • Renewable Energy
    • Microgrids
    • Energy Efficiency
  • Data/Technology/Innovation
  • Gender & Social Inclusion
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)
    • Children, Youth
    • Self-determined Development
  • Green Cities
    • Resilient, Low-carbon Infrastructure
    • Ocean Plastics
    • Urban Air Quality
  • Health
    • Resilience/Adaptation
    • Heat
    • Nutrition
    • One Health
  • Humanitarian Assistance
    • Conflict
    • Migration
    • Disaster Risk Management
    • Loss and Damage
    • Natural Disaster
  • Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities
    • Locally Led Climate Action
    • Locally Led Development
  • Natural Climate Solutions
    • Forest Conservation
    • Ecosystem Restoration
    • Nature-based Solutions
    • Mangrove Restoration
    • Forests and Livelihoods
  • Water and Sanitation
    • Water Storage Infrastructure
    • Green Infrastructure (Nature-based Solutions)
    • Climate Resilient Water/Sanitation Infrastructure
    • Evidence-based Planning
    • Water Use Efficiency
  • Systems Change
    • Cross-sectoral
    • Strategic Objectives (cross-cutting)
    • Adaptation
    • Integration
    • Mitigation

Who Can Enter

The Climatelinks 2024 Photo Contest is open to:

  • The Climatelinks community
  • USAID staff
  • USAID implementers
  • Individuals or organizations working in climate and development
  • Non-USAID programs

Important Dates

  • June 5, 2024 – Contest Opens
  • July 19, 2024 – Submission Deadline
  • October 2024 – Winners Announced



By submitting a photograph to this competition, you:

  • Declare that you, your organization, or USAID own the copyright of the photograph and that it is your original work or that you are authorized to share these photos.
  • Declare that you have permission to use the visual image of any identifiable individual in the photograph and that the image may be published as stipulated in the contest guidelines. You will be asked to provide the standard release agreement.
  • Agree that USAID will not be responsible for any infringement of third-party rights and indemnify USAID against all legal fees, claims, damages, and other expenses that may result from your breach of the contest rules.
  • Grant reproduction rights for USAID use, agreeing that USAID can use your photograph for competition purposes and future reproduction in perpetuity on websites, literature, and other materials at USAID’s discretion.

Ready to showcase your photography skills and contribute to climate change awareness? Submit your best photos today!