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Join the School Leadership Network (SLN)

An initiative of the Varkey Foundation, Global School Leaders, and UNESCO Teacher Task Force, the School Leadership Network is a global community of School Leaders and Educational Leadership Experts, created with the aim of strengthening leadership roles in schools.

The School Leadership Network was created to build a global community around school leadership. The ultimate objective of this network is to strengthen leadership roles in schools while advocating for school leadership as the key to equitable and quality education.

Through this network, we hope to identify current and future challenges of school leaders (principals), promote innovative solutions, and reinforce educators’ voices with the research and policy-making community.

Are you passionate about driving positive change in education? Join our vibrant global network of principals leading the way in innovation and collaboration! 📚💡

By joining our community, you’ll have the opportunity to:
✨ Connect with principals from around the world.
✨ Share best practices and innovative ideas that transform learning environments.
✨ Access exclusive resources, webinars, and expert insights to stay ahead in educational leadership.
✨ Collaborate on projects that promote equity, diversity, and inclusive education.

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