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Future of Work Research Initiative

Future of Work Research Initiative

The global landscape of work is undergoing profound transformation driven by rapid technological advancements. While these innovations offer opportunities for increased productivity and innovation, they also raise concerns about job automation and socio-economic disparities. In West and Central Africa, there’s a critical need for understanding the impact of digital transformation on employment dynamics, especially in light of climate change’s effects on productivity. This necessitates innovative approaches in business models and labor market strategies to navigate this evolving landscape effectively.

The Future of Work Research Initiative, funded by the International Research Development Center (IDRC) and implemented by a hub managed by the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) in collaboration with the Bureau d’analyses macro-économiques of the Institut sénégalais de recherches agricoles (ISRA-BAME) and other partners, aims to address the knowledge gaps in West and Central Africa concerning technological adoption and digitalization. The initiative seeks to understand the future of work challenges in the region.


The primary objectives of the hub include generating high-quality research, promoting evidence-based policymaking, and enhancing regional capacity, with a particular emphasis on social protection to uplift marginalized groups socio-economically. Additionally, the initiative endeavors to explore strategies for climate change mitigation in West and Central Africa.

This initiative is part of the FutureWORKS Collective, a five-year interdisciplinary Southern-led research endeavor dedicated to studying the future of work in the Global South.

Apply before : July 31, 2024

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