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Paid Internship Opportunities at the Court of Justice of the European Union: €1,493 Net Monthly Salary and More

Are you a recent university graduate or a budding legal professional seeking enriching opportunities? Consider embarking on an internship journey at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), the principal judicial institution of the European Union. At CJEU, interns play a pivotal role in upholding Union law and ensuring justice for over 450 million citizens. This article delves into the various internship programs offered by CJEU, shedding light on the application process, rewards, and the invaluable experiences shared by former interns.

Interns are accepted by the following departments:

  1. Directorate of Human Resources and Personnel Management
  2. Directorate of Budget and Financial Affairs
  3. Directorate for Multilingualism (Legal Translations and Interpretation)
  4. Directorate of the library
  5. Directorate of Research and Documentation
  6. Terminology Projects and Coordination Section
  7. Directorate of Protocol and Visits
  8. Directorate for Communications
  9. Legal advisor for administrative matters
  10. Office of the General Court of the European Union

Internship Experience: Insights from Former Interns

“The internship at the Court of Justice of the European Union was my first and very enriching experience of working in a multilingual environment. At the Slovak section of legal translations, I had the opportunity to meet many inspiring people. At the same time, my horizons have significantly expanded when deciding on the next steps in my career.” – Pavel Berec

“Thanks to the internship at the Court of Justice, I gained valuable experience and knowledge about legal translation and practical experience with EU law in important areas. I was particularly interested in translation technologies, which opened up a new area of ​​interest and motivation for further work in this area.” – Martin Katchala

“The internship opened the door for me to better understand the functioning of the Court of Justice and enriched me by being able to integrate into an international multicultural environment.” – Michal Kolena

“Thanks to the internship at the Court of Justice, I had the opportunity to learn more about the work of the institution that ensures justice for 450 million citizens. This internship was a decisive period in the direction of my further career.” – Naďa Daurel

Internships for Young Graduates

The internship program at CJEU aims to provide comprehensive training to interns, integrating them into the institution’s activities. Each year, approximately 200 paid internships are offered, ranging from 3 to 5 months. These internships can take place either within the offices of CJEU members (Judges and Advocates-General) or in various departments within the institution.

Interns are expected to maintain confidentiality regarding all internal documents and information learned during their internship. This commitment is reinforced through a solemn oath taken by interns at the beginning of their tenure.

Internships in Cabinets and Service Departments

Internships in cabinets are tailored for law graduates with a focus on Union law. Interns assist in various tasks related to court cases, contributing to the work of a specific cabinet.

Alternatively, interns placed in service departments gain insights into the specific tasks performed within these departments. They actively participate in fulfilling assigned tasks under the guidance of experienced officials.

Internships in Interpreting Services

For graduates in conference interpreting, CJEU offers internships primarily focused on enhancing interpretation skills, particularly in the legal domain. These internships last ten to twelve weeks and require proficiency in at least two passive languages, with a mandatory requirement of passive knowledge of French.

Application Process and Remuneration

Eligible candidates must be nationals of EU member states, hold a university degree in law, political science, economics, or related fields, and possess strong language skills. The internship remuneration amounts to €1,493 net per month, with additional travel allowances provided for interns residing more than 200 km away from CJEU headquarters.

Applications are accepted via the EU CV Online application platform and must include a detailed curriculum vitae along with relevant academic certificates. Internship periods vary depending on the department, with application deadlines corresponding to specific timeframes.

Internships for National Judges

CJEU also offers internship opportunities for national judges through the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN). These internships, lasting 6 to 10 months, provide judges with practical experience in CJEU cabinets or service departments. National judges are required to maintain confidentiality and are remunerated through EJTN funds.

How to Apply

How to log in?

In the case of internships taking place between March 1 and July 31, the application period is from July 1 to September 15 of the previous year.

In the case of internships that take place between 16 September and 15 February (for internships in cabinets) or from 1 October to the end of February (for internships in service departments), applications are submitted from 1 February to 15 April of the respective year.

Applications must be submitted via the EU CV Online application and must be accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae with copies of diplomas and/or certificates, including certificates issued by academic bodies relating to academic or professional qualifications.

The institution’s human resources department will notify selected applicants in writing of the decision that concerns them. By being accepted for an internship, the intern does not acquire the status of official or employee of the European Union and does not have any right or assumption for subsequent employment.



Internships for national judges

The Court of Justice recruits national judges as part of the exchange program organized by the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN), a maximum of 15 judges per year.

Internships for national judges are carried out in the cabinets of the members of the Court of Justice and the General Court or at the Research and Documentation Directorate (DRD). They last 6 or 10 months. National judges are expected to carry out the same tasks as – given the context of the traineeship – the clerks in the cabinets or the administrators at the DRD headquarters.

The national judge is obliged to maintain confidentiality during and after the traineeship with regard to all facts and internal documents that he has learned about. He undertakes not to publish or allow to be published anything related to the internship.

Acceptance conditions

– work as a judge or prosecutor in a member state of the European Union for at least one year,

– work as a judge or prosecutor in a member state of the European Union for at least one year,

– have a perfect command of one of the official languages ​​of the European Union and command French at an adequate level so that the intern can assist the members of the Court of Justice and the General Court in processing files and preparing decisions.


A national judge accepted for a traineeship is not paid or remunerated by the Court of Justice. He receives diets financed from EJTN funds.

How to log in?

Applications must be submitted through the EJTN network ( EJTN – long-term internships ).