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Unleash Your Potential: Apply for the CGI Fellowship 2024 Program!

Unleash Your Potential: Apply for the CGI Fellowship 2024 Program!

🚀 Are you an emerging entrepreneur eager to make a global impact? The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) introduces the CGI Fellowship, an incredible opportunity providing critical investment in the future of entrepreneurship. 🌍💡 This program offers options for engagement at all levels of experience, aiming to empower and guide emerging leaders towards addressing urgent global challenges.

About the Fellowship: The CGI Fellowship offers a unique chance for entrepreneurs to engage with CGI at various levels of experience. CGI Fellows will gain access to mentorship, resources, networks, and partnerships through CGI, empowering them to compete for funding, access expertise, and collaborate to maximize their impact.

Deadline to Apply: 🗓️ Act fast! The deadline to apply is March 15, 2024. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this transformative program!

Key Highlights:

🌟 Resource Access: Fellows will have access to mentorship, resources, networks, and partnerships through CGI. 🌐 Participation at CGI Annual Meeting: Receive an all-expenses-paid trip to attend the CGI 2024 Annual Meeting in NYC in September 2024. 🤝 Community Building: Engage in virtual and in-person community events, fostering relationships and collaboration. 🌱 Automatic Greenhouse Incubator Consideration: Selected Fellows get the opportunity to present their work to global foundations and venture capital firms. 📊 Impact Evaluation: Fellows will measure and report the impact of their projects against the goals set in their Commitment to Action proposal.

Criteria for Applying:

  • Must be at least 18 years old at the time of admission.
  • Commitment to Action aligning with a CGI focus area.
  • Submit current resume or CV.
  • Responses to three essay prompts on entrepreneurship, leadership, and partnerships.

Important Dates:

  • Application closes: March 15, 2024.
  • Fellows accepted: April 2024.
  • CGI Fellowship commences: May 2024.
  • CGI Annual Meeting: September 23-24, 2024.
  • CGI Fellowship ends: Early 2025.

Other Considerations:

  • Part-time, personalized program allowing fellows to continue other pursuits.
  • No relocation necessary.
  • No cost to participate.
  • Virtual experience, with the in-person CGI Annual Meeting in September in NYC (expenses covered).

For further info, please visit here.