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£4.5m Young Gamechangers Fund: Empowering Youth for Change!

£4.5m Young Gamechangers Fund: Empowering Youth for Change!

Today marks an extraordinary milestone as we proudly unveil the Young Gamechangers Fund, a groundbreaking initiative crafted by the Co-op Foundation in partnership with Co-op and the #iwill Fund. This £4.5 million fund is more than just a financial allocation; it’s a beacon of hope, destined to place the power of change directly into the hands of our youth.

They’re looking for young activists, campaigners, disrupters, co-operators, and social entrepreneurs to lead youth-led social action across the UK. There are two types of funding available:  

  • Funding for individuals  
  • Funding for groups or organizations with an annual income of less than £250,000 

At its core, this innovative fund aims to amplify the voices and actions of young individuals aged 10-25—a pioneering endeavor, the first of its kind in the UK. With an unwavering commitment to nurturing the potential within our youth, the fund will be the catalyst for transformation, enabling them to steer the course of change in their communities and beyond.

Managed collaboratively by Restless Development and the Global Fund for Children, the Young Gamechangers Fund is not just an initiative—it’s a testament to the belief that empowering youth is critical to shaping a brighter future for all.

What Does the Fund Encompass?

The fund is designed to support individual young people who harbor transformative ideas, innovative projects, and a fervent drive to instigate positive change. From grassroots initiatives to pioneering campaigns, this fund will fuel endeavors that transcend barriers and foster tangible impact.

They will prioritize support for young activists committed to creating prosperous, safe, diverse, equitable, inclusive, healthy, and sustainable communities. In particular, they’re seeking to support groups and communities that prioritize youth activism and shared power. 

How Can You Engage?

Do you know someone who embodies the spirit of change-making? Or are you passionate about driving meaningful transformation? More details about the Young Gamechangers Fund and the application process are here.

Join in Catalyzing Change!

Let’s spread the word and empower our youth to step forward, take charge, and become the change they aspire to see. This is just the beginning. Join this incredible journey towards a world shaped by the fearless determination and visionary ideals of our young gamechangers.