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UNU-WIDER’s Free Online Course Explores Decent Work and Economic Growth in the Era of SDG 8

UNU-WIDER’s Free Online Course Explores Decent Work and Economic Growth in the Era of SDG 8

Unlocking the Secrets of Informal Labor Markets and Inclusive Economic Policies

In today’s rapidly changing world, understanding the intricacies of informal labor markets and crafting policies that foster inclusive economic development while mitigating rising inequality is paramount. UNU-WIDER (United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research) is proud to introduce “Decent Work and Economic Growth: Achieving SDG 8,” a 6-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that dives deep into these critical issues. This course, available for free, promises insights from cutting-edge UNU-WIDER research that can shape future policymaking.

The Road to Fair Employment and Economic Prosperity

Achieving fair employment opportunities and sustainable economic advancement hinges on comprehending how public policies can drive structural transformation in our rapidly evolving world. “Decent Work and Economic Growth: Achieving SDG 8” offers a profound exploration of these themes, with expert insights that can guide policymakers and thought leaders.

Learn from Esteemed Experts

Led by Kunal Sen, UNU-WIDER Director, and Martha Chen, Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and joined by guest lecturers Andy Sumner, Gary S. Fields, and Mike Rogan, this course brings together a stellar team of economists and development experts.

What to Expect

Participants in this course will have access to a rich array of learning materials, including:

  • Engaging lectures
  • Reading materials
  • Expert interviews
  • Country case study videos

Moreover, interactive elements like activities, quizzes, and discussion boards will facilitate global discussions and knowledge exchange among learners.

Course Highlights

Throughout the course, you will explore:

  1. New Pathways of Structural Transformation
  2. Rethinking the Informal Economy
  3. Tackling the Developer’s Dilemma and Inequality
  4. Understanding Worker Progression on the Job Ladder and Strategies for Better Job Transitions

Course Commencement Date

Mark your calendar! The course kicks off on October 2, 2023.

Find out more in this short introductory video

Brought to you via the SDG Academy, the MOOC will be available internationally on the edX online education platform, for free, with an option to gain a certificate upon completion for a fee.

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This MOOC is designed for:

For a Certificate of Completion

Upon completing the course, learners will have the option to obtain a certificate through the edX online education platform for a fee.

Who Should Enroll?

This MOOC is designed for:

  • Policy professionals seeking insights into policy interventions that drive sustainable and equitable economic development while promoting decent work opportunities.
  • Development practitioners interested in understanding the diverse pathways available in developing economies to achieve SDG 8.
  • Advanced undergraduates and graduate students passionate about economics, development, and key concepts related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Join Us on this Transformative Learning Journey

The UNU-WIDER team eagerly anticipates your participation in this enlightening exploration of decent work and economic growth. Together, let’s shape a future where fair employment and sustainable economic prosperity are within reach.

Enroll now and be part of the change-making conversation!

This course is brought to you via the SDG Academy and will be available internationally on the edX online education platform, free of charge.