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UNESCO Project Planner:Top Tips for Youth Action

Anyone can design and implement a project

UNESCO has elaborated the UNESCO Project Planner – Top Tips for Youth Action to help you move from an idea to an actionable project plan. The planner is available here: https://en.unesco.org/youth/toptips?fbclid=IwAR1e18U8CBzcD4UJNLO8g8FasBO6PnCHhTbmak1K62IMRLSE8unH_vyubyo

Your big idea pinned down

If you have identified a problem in your community, and have an idea of how it can be solved or addressed, then you can carry out a project.

How does the UNESCO Project Planner – Top Tips for Youth Action work?

The Project Planner is divided into six sections that encompass the project cycle, which refers to the different phases of a project.

In each section, you will find basic information and aspects to keep in mind through a series of guidance and self-reflection questions.

Finally, at the end of each stage, there are links to different resources, tools and guidelines that can provide you with further details.