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2024 Kosmos Innovation Centre (KIC) Young Farmer Business Academy (YFBA) [For Ghanaian residents]

2024 Kosmos Innovation Centre (KIC) Young Farmer Business Academy (YFBA) [For Ghanaian residents]

KIC Young Farmer Business Academy (YFBA) is a 4 –7-month program that identifies young people who are interested in setting up an agribusiness in agricultural production. The program provides them with a system of training, workshops, and hands on experience to set up their own farms. The program uses practical sessions, field demonstrations, coaching and mentorship as a tool to encourage participants to take a fresh look at agri- production and its adjoining sectors to identify areas with potential business opportunities.

This agripreneurship training program is competitive amongst teams formed by individuals admitted into the program.

Kindly go through the eligibility criteria/requirements below before applying for the program.


To enroll in the KIC Program, the participant should be:

  • Between 18 and 35 years (18 to 24 is mostly preferred)
  • Do you want to expand and operate your farming activity as a business?
  • Able to commit to a maximum of 12 days a month for trainings, sessions, etc
  • Resident in Ghana for the duration of the program
  • Willing to give dedicated & undivided attention to the YFBA Program
  • Willing to work in a group.
  • Willing to work hours without supervision.

For further enquiries please contact the BAC office in your district.

Interest areas to be considered

  • A strong desire for learning and training
  • Have a true desire to start a business in the agricultural sector.
  • Be willing to start that business as co-founder with a team of people you meet on the YFBA program.
  • Understand innovation, its business benefits, and opportunities.
  • Have research and analytical skills.
  • Have creative and innovative ideas.
  • Poses critical thinking and problem abilities.

The deadline for applications is 23rd July 2024.

The applications would be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Apply HERE