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Scholarships for refugees for a Masters in Public Health: SOPHAS Fees and Fee Waivers

If you’re considering applying to graduate programs through SOPHAS (Schools of Public Health Application Service), understanding the fees and potential fee waivers is crucial. Let’s break it down:


  • SOPHAS charges $145 for your first program application and $55 for each additional program.
  • Some programs may have an additional supplemental fee, so be sure to check with your chosen programs for details.

Fee Assistance Program:

  • SOPHAS offers a Fee Assistance Program with limited waivers provided at the start of each cycle.
  • Fee waivers cover the initial application fee, and if you wish to apply to more programs, you’re responsible for the remaining balance.
  • You can request a fee waiver when creating your application, but act fast as funds are limited.
  • Contact customer service at 617-612-2090 before requesting a fee waiver to check availability.

Qualification Requirements:

  • There are three types of fee waivers: Financial-based, Service-based, and International-based.
  • You can apply for only one type of fee waiver per cycle, and it must be requested before submitting your application.

Financial-based Fee Waiver:

  • To qualify, your 2022 Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040 adjusted gross income must fall below the specified Low Income Levels.
  • The Low Income Levels for the 2023-2024 cycle are based on family size and income, ensuring consideration for economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Service-based Fee Waiver:

  • Qualification involves participation in eligible service-based organizations such as AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, or Military Service.
  • Download the fee waiver form from the relevant organization, complete it, and have a certifying officer or program administrator fill in their section.

International-based Fee Waiver:

  • Reserved for citizens residing in countries on the United Nations Least Developed Countries List.
  • Download the international-based fee waiver form, and note that it includes a coupon for $80 off your WES evaluation.

Whether you’re aiming for a financial, service, or international-based fee waiver, understanding the process is key. Make informed choices, and best of luck with your SOPHAS application journey!

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