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Urgent Call to Protect Rights of Refugees Worldwide

In a world grappling with crises, the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, issues an urgent call to safeguard the rights of those fleeing war, violence, and persecution. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms the right to seek asylum without discrimination, emphasizing the need for safety, sanctuary, and hope.

Regrettably, numerous individuals seeking safety encounter perilous journeys, harm, and unwelcome reception. They are often left vulnerable, facing hostility and injustice, challenging the fundamental right to seek asylum. The UNHCR calls for immediate action to ensure access to safe territories, swift refugee status, and the enjoyment of basic rights for those escaping conflict.

As the primary defender of refugee rights globally, UNHCR urges world leaders to uphold legal and moral obligations, acting collectively to share responsibility and support nations hosting the majority of refugees. These host countries, often with limited resources, have maintained open borders for decades, honouring the right to seek asylum. The Hope Away from Home Campaign calls for:

  1. Access to safe territory, preventing violence and death during journeys.
  2. Adequate conditions for refugees, respecting human rights and dignity.
  3. Accession to the Refugee Convention and efficient asylum procedures.
  4. Increased durable solutions, including resettlement.
  5. Solidarity and support for countries and communities hosting large refugee populations.

Join the movement by supporting UNHCR’s Hope Away from Home Campaign and sending a powerful message to world leaders. Your voice will be delivered at the Global Refugee Forum in December, a crucial event where the international community unites to pledge support for refugees and their host communities. Let’s stand together, offering hope to those in search of safety. 🤝🌟

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