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Are you a young, ambitious leader with a passion for making a meaningful impact in the public sector? Look no further than the Rising Public Leaders Programme, a transformative opportunity offered in partnership with the esteemed Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford.

1. Program Overview: Nurturing Leadership Excellence

Maintain peak performance in your current role while cultivating the skills needed for top leadership. Our six-day intensive programme unites rising public leaders from diverse countries, providing the conceptual frameworks and practical tools required to navigate today’s dynamic public sector. Immerse yourself in a multinational, multidisciplinary experience, gaining confidence in managing people, technology, and organizational culture.

Learn through:

– Classroom discussions

– Simulations

– Practical exercises

– Group work

Establish an enduring connection with us and become an executive alum of the esteemed Blavatnik School.

2. At a Glance: Your Path to Leadership Excellence

Fee: £9,500 per person (Includes accommodation, meals, tuition, program materials, executive coaching, and extracurricular activities)

Duration: Six days

Language: English

Location: Oxford

3. Skills to Learn: Building Leaders for Tomorrow

The programme focuses on skills crucial for fostering cultures of excellence, effectiveness, and integrity across all government branches and international institutions.

– Communicating Effectively: Master the art of impactful communication and storytelling, both internally and across government.

– Harnessing Digital Technology: Explore challenges in technology and cybersecurity, diving into case studies like the development of 5G.

– Reducing Cognitive Bias in Decision-Making: Understand and overcome biases in decision-making, ensuring sound judgments individually and as a team.

– Strengthening Organizational Effectiveness: Explore tools and strategies for organizational reform and improvement.

– Negotiating in the Public Interest: Refresh and extend your negotiation skills, especially in multi-stakeholder deliberations.

– Maintaining Personal Integrity:Build a moral language for understanding ethical challenges and develop confidence in handling leadership pressures.

4. Why Choose Us?

Be Part of a Lifelong Network:

Join a global network of exceptional public leaders committed to improving public service globally. As an executive alumnus, forge connections through mentoring, ambassadorship, collaboration on future projects, and participation in exclusive events.

Improving Government Worldwide:

The Blavatnik School of Government, part of the University of Oxford, draws on a rich history of expertise to improve government globally. Benefit from insights learned from heads of government, civil service chiefs, and C-suite executives.

The Oxford Experience:

Reimagine leadership education in the 21st century. Immerse yourself in Oxford’s academic rigor, gaining highly recognized credentials and enjoying unique experiences in and around Oxford.

5. How to Apply:

Fill out the 2024 Rising Public Leaders Programme application form. Prepare your resume, chart of your organization, and preview questions here

Embark on a transformative journey with us, shaping your future as a leader in the public sector. Your potential, our opportunity—apply now!

Apply here: http://bit.ly/oxfordblavatnik