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Paid Internships at the Council on Foreign Relations, USA – Apply Now for Remote or In-Office Opportunities

Paid Internships at the Council on Foreign Relations, USA – Apply Now for Remote or In-Office Opportunities

In today’s fast-paced world, the work of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as a leading nonpartisan resource for information and ideas about foreign policy has never been more crucial. For those looking to dive into the heart of global affairs, interning at CFR offers a unique opportunity to engage with the foremost experts in the field while contributing meaningfully to shaping international discourse.

A Premier Internship Experience

CFR boasts one of the most prestigious paid internship programs in the realm of foreign policy. Interns at CFR aren’t just observers; they’re active participants, working alongside dedicated professionals in a diverse and inclusive environment. Notably, interns are compensated with a competitive hourly wage, reflecting the value of their contributions.

Professional Development and Growth

Interns at CFR don’t just gain hands-on experience; they also receive extensive professional development training. These sessions serve as a solid foundation for future endeavors in the field of foreign policy and international affairs, ensuring that interns emerge from the program equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive.

Summer 2024 Internship Opportunities

Hybrid and Remote Options

CFR’s internship programs for the summer of 2024 offer flexibility, with interns having the option to work in a hybrid capacity—splitting their time between the office and remote work—or opting for a fully remote setup. This flexibility reflects CFR’s commitment to accommodating diverse preferences and ensuring a conducive working environment for all interns.

Diverse Internship Opportunities

The internship opportunities at CFR span a wide array of focus areas, catering to various interests and skill sets. From digital content creation to executive office support, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a glimpse of the diverse internship roles available:

  • Digital Content Internship: Engage in creating compelling digital content to disseminate key international issues.
  • Podcast Internship: Contribute to explaining pressing international relations issues to a broader audience through podcast production.
  • Africa Policy Internship: Assist in research tasks related to African history, politics, and economics.
  • Communications Internship: Support the promotion of Foreign Affairs content across different media platforms.
  • Development Internship: Aid in writing and reviewing grant reports and conducting donor prospecting efforts.
  • Design Internship: Contribute to the development of user experience (UX) design documents for digital services.
  • Education Internship: Assist in marketing efforts, research, and analytic reporting for educational initiatives.
  • And Many More: From editorial support to trade policy analysis, CFR offers a wealth of internship opportunities.

How to Apply

CFR generally considers undergraduate and graduate students majoring in international relations, political science, economics, or related fields for its internship programs. Applicants should possess strong administrative, writing, research, and computer skills, along with previous office experience. Interns are expected to commit to fourteen to eighteen hours per week.

Internship opportunities are posted on CFR’s website, with applications accepted for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Additionally, CFR is committed to diversity and actively encourages candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply.

Interns are paid a competitive hourly wage, and legal authorization to work in the United States is required for paid internships. Learn more about the eligibility and apply!

About CFR’s Internship Programs

CFR’s internship programs are designed to offer a comprehensive and enriching experience, blending substantive work with professional development opportunities. Whether in New York or Washington, DC, interns at CFR are integral members of the team, contributing to the organization’s mission of promoting understanding of global issues.


Interning at CFR opens doors to a world of opportunities in the realm of foreign policy and international affairs. With a diverse range of internship roles, a commitment to professional growth, and a supportive environment, CFR provides an ideal platform for aspiring professionals to kickstart their careers in global affairs.

For those passionate about making a difference on the world stage, CFR’s internship programs offer an unparalleled journey of learning, growth, and impact.

Interested in joining CFR’s internship program? Visit CFR’s website to explore current opportunities and take the first step towards a rewarding career in foreign policy.

Learn more about the eligibility and apply!