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CrossCulture Fellowship Program for civil society actors, professionals and volunteers(Fully-funded to Germany and open to over 40 countries)


The CrossCulture Program (CCP) in Germany is a prestigious initiative that aims to empower civil society actors and strengthen their contributions worldwide. CCP offers a unique opportunity to professionals and dedicated volunteers from over 40 countries, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and experiences. This program supports participants in deepening their expertise, establishing critical contacts, and acquiring intercultural skills, making a lasting impact on both their professional and personal growth.

Program Highlights:

The CCP program facilitates two to three-month work-related stays for participants in host organizations in Germany or CCP partner countries. These experiences provide participants with a platform to broaden their skills, build a global network, and establish lasting connections. The program also enables host organizations to benefit from the expertise, regional insights, and extensive networks of CCP Fellows.

Fellows have access to a range of benefits, including:

  1. Collaboration: Fellows work closely with host organizations from the CCP network, either on-site or through online platforms, facilitating a collaborative approach to civil society development.

  2. Mentorship: Throughout the fellowship, participants receive guidance and mentorship to enhance their professional development.

  3. Professional Training: CCP offers online and on-site professional training tailored to each fellow’s specific field of work, aligning with their individual and professional goals.

  4. Networking: Participants have the unique opportunity to network with fellow CCP Fellowship holders, facilitating the exchange of ideas and experiences.

  5. Alumni Network: Graduates of the program gain access to the CCP alumni network, further expanding their global connections.

  6. Key Topics: For those focusing on CCP’s key topics, participation in a professional event related to the chosen area of interest is supported.

Funding Details:

For participants from abroad, ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) covers the following costs:

  • Monthly Stipend: A generous monthly stipend of 650 euros is provided to cover living expenses.
  • Round-Trip Airfare: The costs for round-trip airfare are reimbursed.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation expenses are covered.
  • Public Transportation: A monthly public transportation ticket within the fellow’s city of residence is provided.
  • Health Insurance: Health insurance is included in the fellowship.
  • Visa Fees: Any visa fees incurred by participants are reimbursed.

For participants from Germany, ifa covers the following costs:

  • Monthly Stipend: A monthly stipend of 1,200 euros is provided.
  • Round-Trip Airfare: The costs for round-trip airfare are reimbursed.
  • Visa Fees: Any visa fees incurred by German participants are also reimbursed.
  • Health Insurance: Health insurance coverage is extended to German participants.

Eligibility and Prerequisites:

Who can apply? Countries currently participating in the programme include:

Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Georgia, Germany, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Philippines, Republic of Moldova, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.


  • The applicant must be at least 23 years old at the time of the application.
  • At least two years of proven professional experience or volunteer work in a civil society organization in the country of origin.
  • Good written and spoken English skills.
  • The applicant is in good health for a longer stay abroad.


  • The applicant has been or is socially engaged for the long term.
  • The applicant can prove full-time experience in their field of work.
  • A collaboration with an organization in the target country is in progress or planned.
  • The applicant possesses further language skills, particularly German.

Fellowships are principally awarded to people working in one of the following fields:

  • Policy and society
  • Media and culture
  • Human rights and peace
  • Sustainable development and climate justice

In addition, in 2024, the following key topics will also be focused on:

  • Circular economy
  • Gender and diversity

Application Documents:

Which application documents are required?

  • Curriculum vitae in English with details about education/training, work experience, volunteering, and other skills.
  • Letter of recommendation from a supervisor in the applicant’s home organization/workplace in the applicant’s country of origin, using the provided template.
  • A photo is optional.

What Happens After Applying:

Applicants will receive an e-mail that acknowledges the receipt of the application.

After the deadline has expired, shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interview by the Selection Board.

Selected applicants will be informed accordingly by e-mail, presumably in April 2024. Programme participation will subsequently take place in the period May-November 2024.

Contact Information:

For any inquiries or additional information, please contact:

Anne Marie Kruse Charlottenplatz 17 D-70173 Stuttgart Telephone: +49.711.2225.156 Email:


How to Apply for the CrossCulture Program in Germany?

  • The candidates have to apply online on the given application portal.
  • Make sure you have all the documents ready for upload.
  • Complete your application by providing relevant data and then upload your required documents.
  • Make your CV in the English language.
  • Prepare your letter of motivation in the given format.
  • Your letter of recommendation must also be formulated according to the given template.

CrossCulture Program Deadline:

  • For 2024 please apply between 2 November – 18 December 2023 (23:59 UCT/GMT+1).

Select your country and Apply:




The CrossCulture Program in Germany stands as a testament to the power of international collaboration and knowledge exchange. By supporting professionals and volunteers from diverse backgrounds, CCP fosters a rich exchange of knowledge, expertise, and cultural insights. The program’s commitment to flexibility and adaptability through digital fellowships in 2024 ensures that it remains accessible and relevant in an ever-changing global landscape.

If you are passionate about making a positive impact in your community and are eager to broaden your horizons, consider applying for the CrossCulture Program and be part of a global network committed to strengthening civil societies. Join us in building a better future for all. The CCP program is your gateway to global collaboration, personal growth, and meaningful change.