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Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellowship(Receive seed funding and mentorship)

Equipping next-generation Mexican entrepreneurs to scale impactful ventures.

Priority Application deadline is June 1st, 2024. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis after the deadline.

The Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellowship is an exciting opportunity for the next generation of Mexican entrepreneurs to receive comprehensive support in scaling impactful ventures. This fully-funded program, generously supported by Watson Institute partners Robin Luff and Jane McConnell, aims to equip participants with the skills, resources, and experience needed to make a significant difference in their communities. If you’re passionate about driving positive change and ready to take your venture to the next level, this fellowship could be your pathway to success.

Program Overview: The fellowship is designed as a leadership and venture development initiative, bringing together 30 ambitious entrepreneurs from Mexico. Participants will embark on a journey to learn advanced skills in entrepreneurship and leadership, build a global network, and ultimately scale ventures that empower individuals and transform communities. The program kicks off with an immersive experience in Boulder, Colorado, United States, in August 2024.

Dates & Details: The program runs from August 1st to November 12th, 2024, spanning 16 weeks of intensive programming. The format includes a 10-day immersive experience at the beginning, followed by virtual sessions held weekly for the remaining duration. Participants can expect to dedicate 8-10 hours per week to the program, with additional commitments during the immersive phase.

Eligibility: Entrepreneurs and community leaders committed to creating sustainable, scalable impact in Mexico are encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates are in the Problem-Solution Fit or Product-Market Fit phases of their ventures, with demonstrated outcomes in both impact and revenue. Commitment to the entire 16-week program, including the in-person immersive experience, is essential.

Application Process: The application process involves completing an online application by the priority deadline of June 1st, 2024. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis thereafter. Successful applicants will proceed to a one-on-one interview stage, followed by a final review by the admissions committee. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out during the week of June 27th, 2024.

Program Elements: The fellowship offers a range of elements aimed at supporting participants’ growth and development:

  1. Training Sessions: Weekly expert-led sessions cover essential topics such as Foundations, Data & Metrics, Go-To-Market, Funding, Team Management, and Pitching.
  2. Impact Series: Renowned leaders and entrepreneurs share their experiences and mentor fellows throughout the program.
  3. Basecamp: Each fellow will lead a 1-3 day Impact Workshop in their community, providing an opportunity to share their venture work, receive feedback, and network with stakeholders.
  4. Summit: The program concludes with a community event where fellows pitch their ventures to local leaders, funders, and entrepreneurs.
  5. Venture Development Stipend: Select fellows will receive a $10,000 stipend based on their progress and impact during the fellowship.

Conclusion: The Rising Leaders of Mexico Fellowship is more than just a program; it’s a platform for driving meaningful change and fostering a new generation of leaders. By providing expert guidance, mentorship, and a supportive community, this fellowship empowers participants to realize their potential and make a lasting impact on society. If you’re ready to take your venture to new heights and become a driving force for positive change in Mexico, apply now and join us on this transformative journey.

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