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Join the Young Professionals Programme at the United Nations World Health Organisation (Fully-funded)

WHO’s Young Professionals Programme (YPP) is now open for applicants from least developed countries.

Young Professionals will be assigned to regular WHO positions and will be fully immersed in WHO’s technical work. Young Professionals will benefit from career support, networking, mentoring and tailored learning opportunities throughout this period to support them in achieving their personal career goals. To enhance their knowledge and widen their professional network, the Young Professionals may be posted in a different WHO office on short term learning assignments.

  • The Young Professionals Programme intends to increase the representation of nationals from Least Developed Countries in WHO’s workforce.
  • The Young Professionals Programme will develop capacity from and for developing countries through a structured programme with clear learning objectives.
  • At the end of the programme Young Professionals should have the capacity and opportunity to compete for long-term WHO positions, or positions in international or national public health institutions.
  • Young professionals bring fresh perspectives and a different way of thinking to WHO by applying their knowledge and skillset acquired at country-level.

Young Professionals vacancies are published periodically and may not be constantly available.

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