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15 of the best free skills and learning tool kits


YouRock helps you to discover your hidden work skills and build a dynamic work profile that stands out from the crowd.

The Network Academy

Become a real world problem solver – ready to move the world forward! CISCO style, the Networking Academy provides a broad based Tool Kit to support a wide spectrum of education and skills development for the next generation.


Coding for Kids is another really useful tool – let your inner child lead the way as you have tons of fun exploring these learn to code games.


Mozilla have created teaching activities that include step-by-step instructions and has been tested in schools, after school programs, libraries and community centres around the globe.

Mozilla X-Ray Googles

Play with the code on a page using the neat add-on button – it’s remix time! There’s little example exercises, but nothing teaches quicker than playing with the code on a site to see what happens!

Mozilla Thimble

Start your own project from scratch with elements of remixing – Mozilla have this amazing online tool where you can test your ideas. Learning HTML and CSS as you go!

Mozilla Webmaker

Create and share your ideas and information with this brilliant app. Next generation here we come – do it all on your mobile!

HP Life Global

HP give you free online business and IT training that you can complete at your own pace. There’s certificates of accomplishment and real world focus on tasks and essential skills development.

Saylor Academy

Free, open online courses for everyone, everywhere! There’s Computer Science, and you can choose from Art History to Sociology and everything in between. Some courses carry tuition free college credits in the US too – Not to be sniffed at!


Empower yourself – there’s free online courses here from leading experts on hundreds of topics. Choose between technology, language, science, health, humanities, business. mathematics, marketing or even lifestyle.


MentorMob offer free and social learning experiences. Try it out with their Consumer Web Entrepreneur guide.

Be Strong Online

Take responsibility for your digital life, learn about cyber-bulling, coding and creativity, your digital footprint and more. Think critically!

GCF Learn

Offering more than 180 topics across the site, GCF Learn it’s a great place to explore subjects. Try the technology basics for free and get your head around the starting knowledge required for careers in this sector.


Build your cyber security or IT career for free! This one is for those looking for advanced information and training in the technology industry.

ATT Beginners Coding Guide

Computer programming can be a fun and creative activity for all ages. It’s just like playing a game: first, you find out what the game is. Second, learn the rules. Third, find out what tools you may need to play the game. Lastly, playing the game!

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