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Opportunities for Youth (OFY) is an informative online portal, created for ambitious young people who have a desire to make an impact in their local communities or the world at large. We are creating this portal to bridge the information gap among young people globally. We believe that you can have a greater impact and better develop your capacities when provided with the appropriate information and opportunities.
The OFY portal hosts study possibilities, scholarships, grants, training & conferences and jobs & internships all in one place. OFY is a unique and useful media providing relevant advice. In today’s world, there is a whole host of information out there that focuses on youth development and we intend making this information more easily accessible.
The OFY portal aims to help and assist young people, to find opportunities to study at international universities, as well as to train and participate in various conferences. We believe that our mission will succeed and help you achieve your life goals.Opportunities For Youth (OFY) is currently a programme managed by YPWC. We are interested in different types of partnerships and opportunities to connect with various stakeholders. Send us your question, propose a partnership and connect with us on social media, e-mail, or phone.

For general inquiries about Opportunities For Youth, including issues related to events and advertisement, please contact us at: and copy and