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Call for Applications: YET4H/Youth Network and Partnership Officer

Call for Applications: YET4H/Youth Network and Partnership Officer


Position : YET4H/Youth Network and Partnership Officer
Organisation : Transform Health and Young Experts: Tech for Health
Location : Remote, home-based
Time requirements : Full time 
Contract period : July 2024 – June 2025 (with possibility of extension)
Profile requirements : A young professional under the age of 35, with at least 2 years of experience in digital health and youth-led movement building/meaningful youth engagement and program management/coordination. Bachelor’s degree required. 


Background and overview

Young Experts: Tech for Health (YET4H) is a global youth network that re-imagines healthcare in the digital age. Led by youth, for youth, YET4H believes in a world where young people are resourced and empowered to interrogate the status quo in digital health, represent the diversity of youth, and shape more inclusive and equitable paradigms in the global digital health agenda. YET4H aims to achieve its vision of a global digital health ecosystem that meaningfully engages young people, catering to their unique needs and challenges, recognising them as equal stakeholders and partners in achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC). YET4H is hosted by Transform Health, a coalition of organisations dedicated to achieving  Universal Health Coverage by increasing access to digital technology and data. The YET4H  Coordinator is integrated into the Secretariat (known as the ‘enabling function’) of Transform  Health. YET4H members, who are young adults representing each WHO health region, work across Transform Health’s working circles (which are part of  Transform Health’s network governance model) to offer youth perspectives. 

YET4H is seeking a dynamic and experienced individual to join our team as the Youth Network and Partnership Officer. This role involves spearheading our external engagement efforts, building strategic partnerships, and leading the implementation of our newly developed youth network strategy. The ideal candidate will have technical experience in digital health, as well as be comfortable and experienced in liaising, navigating, and building relationships between young people and other stakeholders.  

Expected Qualifications

  • A young professional under the age of 35, with demonstrable experience in program management and coordination;
  • A Bachelor’s degree or other relevant qualifications in relevant fields such as digital health,  public health, communication, public engagement, campaigning, etc;
  • At least 2 years of experience in digital health and youth-led movement building/meaningful youth engagement and program management/coordination; 
  • Skilled interpersonal communicator, partnership builder, and coordination (especially as it relates to priority setting);
  • Proven experience in building partnership networks, stakeholder engagement, and strategic partnership development.
  • Strong understanding of youth engagement and advocacy in the digital health sector.
  • Excellent communication, writing, and presentation skills.
  • Familiarity with digital and social media engagement strategies.
  • Comfort and familiarity working with IT, including teleconferencing, and social media  posting;
  • Experience working with various national, regional and/or global stakeholders is desirable.

Note: The Candidate should be prepared to spearhead priority activities while effectively engaging and supporting YET4H members. They should also have the flexibility to work across different time zones and cultures considering the diverse countries in which YET4H members are located.


Specific responsibilities 

  • Implementation of Network Strategy
    • Lead the execution of YET4H’s youth network strategy.
    • Monitor progress and make necessary adjustments to the strategy.
  • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Identify and engage key stakeholders including youth organisations, healthcare providers, tech companies, academic institutions, policymakers, and international health organisations to support implementation in line with YET4H’s objectives.
    • Maintain and strengthen relationships with stakeholders through regular updates and meetings.
  • Building and Strengthening Alliances
    • Establish and nurture strategic partnerships to enhance YET4H’s global reach and impact.
    • Facilitate collaborations and resource sharing among partners.
  • Digital and Social Media Engagement
    • Oversee the enhancement of YET4H’s online presence across various digital platforms.
    • Coordinate the creation and dissemination of engaging content showcasing YET4H’s initiatives and impact.
    • Manage YET4H’s social media accounts and website updates.
  • Event Coordination
    • Facilitate YET4H representation at relevant influencing events, conferences, and forums.
    • Ensure effective promotion and visibility of YET4H’s events.
  • Reporting and Documentation
    • Maintain comprehensive records of all engagement activities and outcomes.
    • Provide regular updates and reports to YET4H leadership.
    • Document best practices and lessons learned to inform future strategies.
  • Support the implementation of YET4H’s strategic plan and work plan, including alignment with Transform Health’s policy, campaign and advocacy agendas; 
  • Support engagement of YET4H members around activities and work, to ensure delivery of the work plan and fair distribution of workload across members i.e., assign task to YET4H members as  needed and as relevant; 
  • Provide the necessary support to enable YET4H members to be meaningfully engaged in YET4H’s and Transform Health’s work, including technical assistance, administrative and logistical support, capacity building, among others.
  • Support the resource mobilisation efforts of YET4H.


Partnership and accountability lines

The Officer is ultimately accountable to the Executive Director of Transform Health, who may delegate day-to-day tasks within the secretariat (‘enabling function’). The officer will work most closely with the  YET4H Coordinator, who ensures the work plan of YET4H gets implemented in line with the YET4H strategy and donor funding. In addition, the Officer is also accountable to the YET4H members, who set the strategic direction of YET4H


Employment status and compensation

The Youth Network and Partnership Officer will be appointed as a consultant by Transform Health, for a one year contract (July 2024-June 2025) for a total remuneration of $40,000 (USD), with possibility of extension as funding and performance permit. The level of engagement is at 100%, Monday to Friday. As a consultant, the officer will be responsible for their own benefits.


Application process

  • The application is open until 20 June 2023, 11:59 pm GMT+0/UTC
  • To apply, please fill in this Google Form. Please prepare your CV/resume and a cover letter, and upload it to the Google Form. Applications submitted not via the form will not be considered.
  • Please direct all questions to
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a virtual interview.


Important note: Due to the volume of questions and requests received and the small size of our team, YET4H is not always able to immediately respond to all emails. While we will do our best to address any questions as promptly as possible, we encourage all interested candidates to carefully read this ToR document, as most of the questions can be answered from the information provided here. We also encourage interested candidates to follow our social media accounts (Twitter: @yet4uhc) for the newest updates on the recruitment process timeline.


YET4H recognises and values the contributions and critical  perspectives that all individuals bring to our team. In support of our commitment to diversity,  equity, and inclusion, we welcome applications regardless of disability, ethnicity, national  origin, family status, sex, gender identity or expression, physical characteristics, race, religion,  spirituality, or sexual orientation.