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Apply to the Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) Research Residency Program 2025 

Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS), operated by the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, is excited to announce the Research Residency Program 2025. This prestigious artist-in-residence program offers international creators a unique opportunity to stay, engage in creative activities, and conduct research in Tokyo. Participants can exchange ideas and showcase their work at TOKAS-organized events, such as OPEN STUDIO.

Program Overview

Target Participants:

  • Creators willing to conduct research activities in Tokyo.
  • Practitioners in visual art, film, design, architecture, music, sound art, performing art, and curation.

Residency Period and Slots:

  • Period 1: Early September 2025 to late November 2025
  • Period 2: Early January 2026 to late March 2026
  • Slots Available: 4 creators total (2 per period)

What TOKAS Offers

  • Living Space: Single room (twin-bedded room available for duos)
  • Amenities: Kitchen, toilet, bath, furniture, refrigerator, air conditioner, tableware, towels, linens
  • Wi-Fi: Available 24/7
  • Common Spaces: Networking room, library, laundry, shared studios

Eligibility Criteria

  • Significant experience and anticipated achievements in their field.
  • Proficient in English for effective communication.
  • Independent and capable of managing their work and living arrangements.
  • Open to duo applications (students, except Ph.D. candidates, are ineligible).

Program Requirements

  • Must stay at TOKAS consecutively during the residency.
  • Conduct relevant research and submit a comprehensive report.
  • Participate in OPEN STUDIO and other TOKAS programs.
  • Abstain from commercial or profitable activities during the residency.
  • Maintain noise and vibration levels as per TOKAS guidelines.
  • Accommodation is for the participating creator only (no guests).

Application Process

Application Deadline:

  • Documents: July 2, 2024, 18:00 (JST)
  • Support Materials: July 9, 2024, 23:00 (JST)

Selection Schedule:

  • Review: August 2024 by external juries
  • Results Notification: End of September 2024
  • Final Results Announcement: Early October 2024 on the TOKAS website

How to Apply:

  1. Download: Application Package HERE.
  2. Submit Documents:
    • Application Form 1 and 2 (.pdf)
    • Two letters of recommendation (.pdf) with signatures from referees in art and culture fields.
  3. Email Documents: To Include your name and “Research Residency Program 2025” in the subject line.
  4. Upload Support Materials: TOKAS will provide a URL within five working days to upload materials.

Additional Information

For questions not addressed in the FAQ, contact by June 11, 2024. FAQs will be updated after June 17, 2024.

Personal Information Policy:
TOKAS uses personal information solely for program-related communication and ensures it is not used for unrelated purposes.

This program is subject to approval by the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture’s Board of Directors by March 2025.

For more information and to apply, please visit the TOKAS website.