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EU Career Opportunity: Competition for Administrators in Crisis Management and Migration/Internal Security Re-opened

EU Career Opportunity: Competition for Administrators in Crisis Management and Migration/Internal Security Re-opened

Selection Tests Now Available in All 24 EU Official Languages

Do you have experience in crisis management or migration and internal security? Are you interested in an international career within a multicultural and diverse team? If so, the competition for Administrators in these fields has re-opened, offering another opportunity to apply.


During the online testing held on October 9-11, 2023, for the competition EPSO/AD/403/23, technical issues prevented many candidates from completing the tests under proper conditions. Consequently, EPSO paused all competitions to find a better test delivery system. The solution involves online exams with automated proctoring under new modalities, requiring all candidates to retake the tests.

Key Changes and Re-opening Details

  • New Testing Phase: All candidates, including those who completed the previous tests, must retake them.
  • 24-Language Regime: Candidates can now select any two of the 24 EU official languages for testing.
  • New Testing Format: The case study has been replaced with a written test focusing on written communication skills.
  • Application Review: Candidates must review and revalidate their applications, reconsider their test language choices, and update any relevant information.

Fields of Specialization

Candidates can apply for one of the following fields:

  1. Crisis Management:
    • Contribute to EU crisis management policy and mechanisms.
    • Draft legislation and oversee legislative procedures.
    • Support strategic foresight and situational awareness.
    • Develop prevention policies and preparedness actions.
    • Coordinate with various services, Member States, and crisis centers.
    • Engage in public communication and stakeholder engagement.
  2. Migration and Internal Security:
    • Coordinate implementation of EU migration, asylum, and internal security policies.
    • Provide policy advice, analysis, and reporting on migration and internal security.
    • Shape migration-management support and internal security policies.
    • Assist in coordinating operational, policy, funding, and legal issues.
    • Liaise with international organizations and NGOs.
    • Oversee EU budget implementation and project evaluation.

Recruitment and Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion, candidates will be recruited as administrators (grade AD7) in their respective fields. They may be contacted for targeted recruitment interviews by EU institutions. These interviews are usually conducted in English and/or French, with other languages used based on needs.


To apply, candidates must:

  • Be an EU national with full rights of an EU citizen.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of one EU official language and satisfactory knowledge of another.
  • Hold a university degree (at least 4 years) followed by 6 years of relevant experience, or a university degree (at least 3 years) followed by 7 years of relevant experience.

Application Period

The new application period opens on May 28, 2024, and closes on July 9, 2024, at 12:00 (midday), Brussels time.

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The EU institutions offer diverse and multicultural working environments, with opportunities for personal and professional development. Respect for cultural diversity and promotion of equal opportunities are fundamental principles.