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Nominate a Young Change-Maker for The Diana Award

Nominate a Young Change-Maker for The Diana Award

The Diana Award, an esteemed accolade established in memory of Princess Diana, serves as a beacon of recognition for exceptional young individuals aged 9-25 who have demonstrated unwavering dedication to social action and humanitarian causes. Their noble endeavors have positively impacted communities and transformed lives. Here’s how you can nominate someone deserving:

The Diana Award is the most prestigious accolade a young person aged 9-25 years can receive for their social action or humanitarian work, established in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Nomination Criteria and Eligibility

To be considered for the Diana Award, nominees must be aged between 9 and 25 at the time of their nomination. Self-nominations, as well as nominations from family or friends, are not permitted.

Eligibility Checklist

  • Age: Nominee is aged 9-25 years old at the date of nomination.
  • Duration: Nominee has been involved in their social action work for at least 12 months.
  • Nominator: Must be over 18 years old and know the nominee in a professional capacity (cannot be related to the nominee).
  • Supporting Statement: Nominator must provide contact details and a Supporting Statement from an additional supporter to validate the nomination.
  • Evidence: Nominator can provide additional evidence of the nominee’s social action work (optional).

Download the Diana Award Nomination Guide to support your nomination.


The Diana Award celebrates young people in the following areas:

  1. Vision: Demonstrates commitment and passion to the cause through their service and social action.
  2. Social Impact: Creates positive social change benefiting the wider community.
  3. Youth Led: Shows how the young person has led, owned, and shaped the activities they are being nominated for.
  4. Service Journey: Evidence of transformation throughout the nominee’s service journey, including attitude, skills gained, and challenges overcome.
  5. Inspiring Others: Demonstrates that the nominee is a role model to others through their positive attitude and passionate approach to life.

Who Are the Change-Makers?

Receiving the Diana Award in 2024

Diana Award recipients will be celebrated at a virtual Award Ceremony in December 2024 and will receive their certificates by post in January 2025.

The Legacy Award

Recipients of the Diana Award are also eligible for the Legacy Award, which takes place biennially.

Key Dates

The Diana Award hosts various events throughout the year. Here are some key dates for your diary:

  • Nominations Open: May 2024
  • Nominations Close: August 2024
  • Nomination Results: October 2024
  • Virtual Award Ceremony: 5 December 2024
  • Roll of Honour Announcement: 5 December 2024
  • Virtual Networking Events: January 2025 (Certificates will also be mailed during this time)

Want to discuss your nomination in more detail? Call us at +44 20 39 342160 or email nominations@diana-award.org.uk.

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Let’s come together to celebrate and empower the next generation of change-makers, honoring Princess Diana’s legacy of compassion, kindness, and service to humanity.