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Become a Delegate for the World Bank Youth Summit 2024 – Leading the Digital Transformation (Hybrid: Online and Washington DC)

Become a Delegate for the World Bank Youth Summit 2024 – Leading the Digital Transformation (Hybrid: Online and Washington DC)

Date: May 30-31, 2024
Location: Hybrid (Online and Washington DC)

The World Bank Group Youth Summit returns for its 11th edition, focusing on the theme of Digital Transformation. This annual event serves as a platform for engaging youth on critical global issues, drawing participants from across the globe.

Empowering Youth for Change

The Youth Summit, slated for May 30-31, 2024, will feature activities both online and at the World Bank Group headquarters in Washington DC. It stands as the largest annual gathering of youth (aged 18-35) hosted by the World Bank Group, aimed at fostering global dialogue on pressing challenges and empowering youth to drive positive change.

Mission of the Summit:

  1. Exploring Innovative Ideas: Empower youth to explore innovative solutions to development challenges.
  2. Building Impactful Projects: Provide youth with the tools and resources to initiate and engage in impactful projects.
  3. Promoting Global Dialogue: Foster dialogue between youth, the World Bank Group, and other key stakeholders globally.

Theme and Subthemes

The theme of the 2024 summit is “Powering Progress: Youth Leading the Digital Transformation.” It spotlights the role of youth in leveraging technology to address development challenges. Aligned with the World Bank’s Digital Development Practice, the summit will focus on three subthemes:

  1. Digital Access and Inclusion
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Sustainable Technology for a Livable Planet

Inclusive Perspectives on Technology

A significant emphasis will be placed on three key perspectives:

  • Youth in Fragility, Conflict and Violence (FCV) affected areas
  • Women in Tech
  • Rural Youth

By amplifying the voices of these groups, the summit aims to showcase pioneering ideas that address the digital divide, promote inclusive and sustainable development, and explore opportunities and challenges associated with emerging technologies.

The Relevance of Digital Transformation

In today’s rapidly evolving world, young people face multifaceted challenges, from climate change to unemployment and conflicts. Digital technologies offer innovative solutions to these challenges. They not only help in addressing global issues and responding to crises but also create opportunities for job creation, market expansion, and efficiency improvements.

However, a significant digital divide persists, with 2.6 billion people globally lacking access to the internet. The Youth Summit 2024 seeks to address this divide by discussing digital access and solutions using AI and sustainable technology.

Bridging the Gap

The Summit will convene young leaders, the World Bank Group, and the international community to discuss the impact of digital transformation. It will highlight historically marginalized voices, including women in technology, FCV-affected youth, and rural youth. The aim is to bridge the digital gap by providing skills, infrastructure, and promoting technological literacy.

Delegate Application

Deadline: April 25th, 2024, 11:59 PM ET
Contact: Youth Summit Steering Committee – youthsummit@worldbank.org
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