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North Atlantic Islands Residency 2024 (Adventure at Sea)

North Atlantic Islands Residency 2024 (Adventure  at Sea)

For 2024, Utter Nonsense, Original Errant and The Excelsior Trust are partnering with a Residency onboard a 1921 Lowestoft fishing trawler, the Excelsior, sailing three weeks from Orkney, to the Faroe Islands and Shetland. The voyage to take place between 23rd May to 11th
June 2024.

The North Atlantic Islands Residency provides established artists and young innovators (aged 18-24) the opportunity to explore the emotional dynamics of being at sea, personal disciplines, fieldwork study, knowledge exchange, plus working towards a collaborative
project, exhibition and publication for 2025.

Life onboard the Excelsior is fully funded. Participants must self-fund and arrange travel to and from the Residency, plus all costs while ashore. Participants to make a £200 donation to The Excelsior Trust before taking part in the Residency.

No previous sailing experience necessary.

3 weeks at sea involves:

  • Taking full part in life on board ship
  • Handling sails through our traditional rig
  • Standing night watches
  • Learning to navigate
  • Working as a team to get the ship from A to B

You will:

  • Move far outside of your comfort zone
  • Learn about yourself and how far you can push yourself
  • Gain resilience, self confidence and teamworking skills
  • Explore remote islands
  • Grow closer to the natural world

Application Procedure:

You are invited to submit a video [around 2 minutes] or written mini-essay [around 300
words] incorporating:

  • Details of yourself, your passions, your skill, what stage of education you’re in, or
    if you’ve left education.
  • How you would like to develop your skill and why this is important in your life.
  • Your dreams and goals for the future, both personal and for society.
  • Your response to the prompt, Fracture, a Question for Humanity.
  • What you think you will find most challenging about the voyage.
  • Refer to table below. These are the skill sets on offer for the Residency.
  • All submissions remain confidential.

You must be between the age of 18-24 and committed to personal development/passion in the natural sciences and life skills. There are 5 places available in this category.

Innovator Disciplines
Marine life/flora/fauna
Culinary arts
Natural sciences

Jan 15th – March 3rd: Applications Open
Mar 4th – Mar 10th: Interviews via Zoom
Mar 15th: Announcement of Results
May 23 rd -June 11th – Program Duration
2025: Exhibition
Countries: It is an international program, all countries are accepted, although UK candidates
Apply Here