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Long-Term Traineeships at the European Economic and Social Committee(Paid Traineeship at the European Commission)

Long-Term Traineeships at the European Economic and Social Committee(Paid Traineeship at the European Commission)


Embarking on a journey of professional development and multicultural exposure, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) offers long-term traineeships twice a year to university graduates. Lasting for a duration of five months, these traineeships provide a unique chance to delve into the intricate roles and activities of the EESC while gaining invaluable experience in the vibrant city of Brussels.


Key Details

The long-term traineeships commence on the 16th of February and 16th of September each year, aligning with the EESC’s commitment to fostering continuous learning and growth. Successful applicants have the opportunity to work within the Committee’s offices, immersing themselves in a multicultural environment that enhances their professional journey.


Financial Support

To support long-term trainees during their period of in-service training, the EESC provides a monthly grant in accordance with established provisions. For the traineeships occurring between 16/02/2024 and 15/02/2025, the grant amounts to a lump sum of 1,376.89 EUR per month. Importantly, this amount remains fixed until the conclusion of the 2024 Autumn session on 15/02/2025.


Application Process: Given the high demand for these coveted traineeships, prospective candidates are urged to adhere to certain guidelines:

  • That you respond to emails from the European Economic and Social Committee accurately and on time.
  • That you do not contact (either by e-mail or by telephone) any of our services but you should first wait until you receive an answer from us.

Selection Procedure

If selected for the initial phase, candidates will receive an email instructing them to upload relevant documents, including university diploma(s) and identity verification. It is emphasized that certified copies of university degree certificates are not required at this stage. Application updates are permissible as long as the status remains “Registered.”


Later Stages

Candidates progressing to later stages will be required to submit original documents, including a police record extract and a medical certificate confirming their fitness for the training period. It is advised that candidates retain copies of all documents sent to the training office.

Important Notes:

  1. Original degree certificates and supporting documents should not be sent unless specified otherwise.
  2. Email communication to support an application is discouraged, as the selection process maintains anonymity without personal contacts.



The EESC’s long-term traineeships offer a gateway to professional growth and cross-cultural experiences. Aspiring candidates are encouraged to carefully navigate the application process, ensuring adherence to guidelines for a chance to contribute to and benefit from the dynamic environment of the European Economic and Social Committee.

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