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Nurturing Scholarship and Advocacy: The Claude Ake Visiting Chair 2024


Established in 2003 at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, in collaboration with the Nordic Africa Institute, the Claude Ake Visiting Chair stands as a tribute to the memory of the eminent scholar, Professor Claude Ake. A revered philosopher, teacher, and humanist, Professor Ake’s tragic demise in 1996 inspired the creation of this chair to support scholars who share his deep commitment to both scholarship and social justice.

Program details

The Claude Ake Visiting Chair is dedicated to social scientists from African universities focusing on issues related to war, peace, conflict resolution, human rights, democracy, and development on the African continent. It provides a conducive environment for scholars to conduct research, lecture, hold seminars, and contribute to ongoing research activities at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research and the Nordic Africa Institute.

Terms and Benefits

The awardee receives a tax-free stipend/scholarship of 30,000 SEK/month. Travel costs, accommodation, and office space at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research and the Nordic Africa Institute are covered.

Claude Ake Memorial Lecture and Publication:

  • Chairholders conclude their tenure with a public lecture, the ‘Claude Ake Memorial Lecture,’ based on their research project.
  • The lecture’s content relates to Claude Ake’s work and is derived from a paper submitted before the chairholder left Uppsala.
  • The paper undergoes a review process and is subsequently published in the Claude Ake Memorial Paper Series (CAMP), contributing to scholarly discourse.

Application Deadline:

For the 2024 term, the Department of Peace and Conflict Research and the Nordic Africa Institute invites applications from internationally recognized senior scholars, usually at the Professor or Associate Professor level. The selected Chair holder will spend three months in Uppsala from mid-August to mid-December 2024. Encouragement is given for female candidates to apply.

The application should include:

  • A complete curriculum vitae, detailing academic titles, positions, research, and teaching activities.
  • A short abstract of the research project as the visiting chair.
  • A 3 to 5-page research proposal outlining the project’s main features and expected results.
  • Two important publications related to the proposed research.
  • A signed recommendation letter from a senior scholar or policymaker in the same field.
  • A signed letter from the applicant’s Head of Department or equivalent, confirming institutional support.

The Claude Ake Visiting Chair Committee, comprising distinguished scholars, reviews applications and appoints the Chair.